Health & Safety

The ingestion should always be avoided. Food and drinks should not be brought into stored, prepared or consumed in areas where paint is stored, or used. In addition to this, smoking in such area should always be prohibited.

It should be remaindered that the inhalation of paint, dust or fumes should be avoided by use of local ventilator or extraction. You can wear suitable respirator or mask to avoid the fumes or dust. The proper ventilation to exhaust the solvent fumes is also vital.
If ventilation is not possible use air fed mask.

Do not cover mouth with common cloth because they can get soacked with paints and are not at all good as air filter. We know that the solvent fumes are heavier than the common air and will tent to accumulate at the bottom of tank or in confined space.

Always wear working clothes which covers the body to maximum possible extent. You can also use gloves and eyes shield, clean eye shield frequently to remove paint miist.

In addition, you can also take precaution like dont touch eyes, mouth, nose etc., with gloves. If the clothes are soacked with paints or thinner change them immediate and wash with soap and water. Properly wash hands and mouth with fresh water immediately after painting. The ring, watch etc. should be removed while starting the paintings as this can trape solvent or paints resulting in prolong skin contact.

If thinner or paint splashed in eyes wash them with clean water continuously for 10 minutes and take medical advise. In the event of the paint spillage on skin if necessary remove it by swabbing it with solvents soacked rag wash it with soap and water.

  • All paint except water thinned contains organic solvents which are flammable.
  • The quantity of the materials stored in the actual working areas should be as small as is possible.Adequate ventilation and extraction should be provided and maintained.
  • Do not attempt to fight fire with water this cause the fire to sprade. Fight fire with dry chemical, foam or carbon dioxide extinguisher.
  • All possible source of ignition should be strictly controlled like electrical equipments, metal spark. Additionally, smoking should be prohibited in areas where paint materials are used or stored or handled.

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